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‘The Art of Questioning’ by Oscar Brenifier

‘The Art of Questioning’ is the method of Oscar Brenifier. It shows you how you don’t or don’t want to answer simple and clear questions. Look to yourself from a distance and be amazed about the way you act.

This seminar is from Friday-morning 20 October 09.00 until Sunday-evening 17:30. Each day there is a morning- (9.00-12.30), and an afternoon-session (14.00-17.30). On Friday and Saturday there is an evening-session (20.00-22.00) as well. The morning and evening-session will be filled with different workshops, the evening-session will consist of an individual coaching-session.

Working language: English

Oscar Brenifier runs his own Institut de Practiques Philosophiques. Oscar conducts workshops and seminars in many countries across the globe, from Mexico to Moscow. His website gives several videos of group sessions and philosophical consultations.

You can buy tickets for only the morning and afternoon, for the whole day and for hotel-rooms. Don’t wait to long, there is a discount of 50 or 25 euro for early deciders.

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